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Race Results

Barge Race  5 th May

1st Barry
2nd Roy
3rd John G
4th JJ
5th Caroline
6th Malcom
7th Graham
8th Alan
9th Bob


All in race

14th  April

Pursuit race

1st Danny.     5th Caroline
2nd Bob          6th Steve
3rd Roy           7th Alan
4 th Rob          8th Andrew
1st Mick              5th Alan
2nd Carl.            6th Tim
3rd Caroline     7th Andrew
4th  Rob. G.       8th Malcolm
Well done everyone
well supported 

One metre yacht
19 th May


1st Carl
2nd Barry
3rd  Mick
4th Roy

Well done all

Powered steering competition   

28 th April
Dragon race 1

 Dragon race 2
1 st David 
2nd JJ     
3rd Alan
4th Caroline
5th Mick

 well done all 

(5th Sunday)- All Sail race

1 st Graham
2 nd Mick
3rd Dave
4 th Alan
5 th Steve
6th Barry
7th Roy
8 th Scott
9th Malcom
10th John
One metre class - Graham
Dragon - Dave
Barge - Barry
Marble  head- Steve
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