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Christmas meal  25th December
Thank you to all our members for supporting our club



I would like to open this letter by informing you all of the recent council meeting with Terry and Graham on 9th October.

I have been asked  to represent the club at the next council finance meeting to discuss our interests in the scout hut and their lack of maintenance. Also the signs around the lake of which I have been told there will be more erected on the islands and facing the holiday and caravan parks.

The council is also looking into to bring in a bye-law which will stop people camping overnight. The subject of cutting back the shrubs around the lake is still to be discussed.

The council  are really pleased with the standard to which we keep our clubhouse, and how smart it looked after recent re-paint.

On this note I would like to thank those members being Pete, Sandra, Gordon, Rob, and Dave Long. Thank you all much appreciated.


Our Committee meeting was held on Sunday 8th October, items discussed were as follows: 

1. Could members not bring wet boats and put on the wooden tables, please use the grey (Sale) table thank you. 

2. Can members ensure that they stay behind the start/finish line when there is a race on. This is a club rule.

3. Members with power boats please stay along the Lido side of the lake when sailing.

4. For safety reasons please insure that there is always 2 members in the rescue boat at all times.


Mick Nice has kindly donated a pond yacht for club members use.

Many thanks Mick.

Thank you to all members who attended the fish & chip night, another great evening and our thanks again to Sandra for organising.

Sandra has asked to remind you all that we would like your money in for the Christmas meal by the end of October, together with your chosen Menu.

Time is marching on……

One more reminder;

The A.G.M. will be held  Sunday

 3rd  December starting at 09.30hr

I hope it will be well attended.

That's all only to say keep supporting the club as you all do.


Happy Sailing                                                            Regards Gary

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