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Committee  report/Newsletter/AGM



Dear Members,


Can I first of all open this letter by thanking you all for your continued support of the club. 

A big thank you to all who attended the ' Fish and Chip ' night on the 8th April it was a very successful evening. Thank you to Sandra for all her hard work in organising the event. 


Members have asked if we will be having another one and the answer is YES. 

It will take place late September/early October. I will confirm the dates and put them on the notice board.

As you are probably now all aware we have new lights in the club house, they are not only brighter but cheaper to run. Many thanks goes to Peter Bowery for giving me a hand to put them up.

We will soon be replace the fire extinguishers and put up the relevant signs that will indicate their use. Whilst on the subject of work at the club I am still in touch with Terry from the council ref: the Scout Hut. I will keep you all informed of any future progress.


I'm hoping to freshen up the club in September at some point, I will let you all know when.

Perhaps we can get a group of volunteers together to help, we did this before and painted the outside of the hut?


Can I also remind members that your subs are now due,

I know a lot of you have already paid.


I am sorry but I now have to have a bit of a moan........

We still seem to have a few people speeding on the lake. It is particularly annoying as Mick has put up the rules on the notice board so everyone can read them. I have myself, had to tell one or two members off and give them a warning because of their stupidity. It was even more annoying to hear from the council about these goings on. Anyone continuing to act in this manner will be banned from the club for good.

Myself and the Committee all try our hardest to make this enjoyable club for you all to benefit from so please can I ask you to kindly respect the rules. Remember not only could you be banned but we, as a club could be thrown off the lake.

There are general public who also walk around the lake and I know of several complaints that were made to the council.


Let's end the newsletter on a good note and tell you that our next event will be the Brightlingsea Regatta. This will be held on Sunday 7th July.

Sandra and my wife Frances are going to lay on a ploughman's lunch for all the members. We shall put up a notice for you to put your names down and we will notify you all of the cost per head. It's always been a great day for all to enjoy so we look forward to you coming and supporting the club.

Thank you to everyone for your continuing support to the club.


Happy Sailing, Regards, Gary.

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